online loser dust
emma, 18, adelaide

“Thank you for your long tweet, and I’m sorry to reply with only one message to your three. As you wrote, I did not have enough consideration for those around me. I just wanted to show that otaku can be winners too and wanted to appeal to everyone, so I didn’t think about the possibility that my actions would make others feel uncomfortable. I’m deeply sorry.”


  • Maggie (Emma Roberts) is a con-artist fortuneteller who will have a romantic storyline with Jimmy (Evan Peters)



i hate emma roberts so much, no respect for people that hit their partners

that one hoe that copies what everyone wears SMH


Blackstreet 》 No Diggity (Feat. Dr. Dre) 《 Another Level (1996)


this is the most australian thing that has ever or will ever happen you can all go home now


*Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, David Johansen and Joey Ramone


Spice Girls - Never Give Up On The Good Times

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