online nobody's daughter
emma, 18, adelaide

my mum has been a widow for literally 5 months and some stupid ass bitch asked her if she’d ever consider getting married again



Happy birthday to Gustav Klimt. Today we celebrate his special day with a painting he began in 1917, but was left unfinished by his sudden death in 1918. This masterful portraitist had an incredible impact on painting with his intimate depictions of women and remarkable detailing. Has anything unfinished ever looked so good?

Now on view: “Frauenbildnis (Portrait of a Woman),” 1917–18, by Gustav Klimt (On loan from The Lewis Collection)

look how hot i was last year tho

ive done a 6 workouts each week for the past 2 weeks and i already feel so much better





Omfg is he offering me money

ummmm…so yeah

thats trashy as fuck oh my god 

fuck all y’all stay poor

goals are to write a song as inspiring as unwritten natasha bedingfield


We’re not people really.  Our concerns are not America’s concerns.  We are just here for entertainment. We’re a convenient treasure trove of limitless creativity to be pillaged, watered down, and re-purposed for White audiences and the people getting rich from bastardized stereotypes and simplified caricatures of everything we bring to the table have nothing to say when shit gets really real.

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